Learning About Business Numbers in Singapore for start ups and experienced businesses.


Running a business sounds much easier than done. 

On one hand, you have an increase in sales and are starting to make a name for yourself. 

On the other hand, you want to scale up, which means the inevitable organizational and managerial changes.

And if you are just starting out, it is important to build your accounting foundation strong. 

Regardless of how beneficial or detrimental acceleration has been, you have to be able to sustain these challenging changes. But how you do it? 

This is how you to do it by paying attention to your BUSINESS NUMBERS that can assist you to grow your business.


  1. Sales

  2. Profit

  3. Net Asset position

Understanding and strengthening these 3 main business numbers is very important. To understand them to their core, it takes more than writing about them here. 

Our 1 day course can help you understand your business numbers and bridge any gaps that you may have. 
This course is about CREATING and STRENGTHENING your corporate financial profile. In simple words, making your business bankable and loved by investors from day 1. (even if you don't plan for it, it is always nice to get a head start.)

What Datin Mahani says about Business Numbers Made Easy


In our Business Numbers Made Easy - Workshop, you will learn :-

- How to design a great plan for your business.
- Understand what you should and should not do as a business owner.
- Learn to differentiate between the accounting vs book-keeping. 
- What are key numbers that you MUST look at and when?
- How do you get banks to like your business?
- Improve your corporate financial profile

Start building a great corporate financial profile to build a great business empire.

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 DATE : 30 JULY 2019

TIME : 10.00AM - 5.30PM


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